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The FBC Story

Message from the founders 

Perceiving the same dream isn’t surprising after expending a decade of our career in Information Technology solutions and Digital Marketing. But what came as a surprise is the vision of us both. It wasn’t the usual idea of building an organization or an agency to make a name for ourselves and take our brand big. Instead, we have our own question of “Why just our Brand? Why not every Brand?”

That is where the search began, we wanted to give ourselves the best answer for our questions. After having honed our skills in brand building over the years, we found our answer with FBC. We wanted FBC to be a holistic solution for every business that exists. Right from the scratch to the towering heights of the Brand, FBC offers solutions that will fuel every Brand that partners with us.

With lots of deep confessions & insightful examinations, our business spectrum got widened and our experiments in ideating the approach of businesses enfolded multiple dimensions to move the brands onwards & upwards!

How The Name FBC Born?

Though we are jammed with various businesses in the industry, our goal is to just remain fortunate enough to turn businesses into winning brands in the industry.
At every step of our journey as founders, we enjoyed what we do for businesses to move forward! So, we asked each other that if we are truly clear about our mission then why can’t we derive our brand name from the mission statement itself? With a smile, we could effortlessly derive the name “FBC – Fortune Brand Care”, and we realised that this name itself has the power to convey it’s soul purpose to its audience. Somehow, we felt that this name meant for us and we’re happy to name our brand as Fortune Brand Care! Yes, we care your brands? Aren’t you ready to grow your brand?

Our team

One solution does not fit for all the business, we need creative, personalized strategies for every brand that comes out! That’s why we spend a lot of time & energy in finding the finest resources and training them to have the potential to redesign the brand strategies!

By finding the right talents for our mission, we have turned into a tribe of result driven people who work with so much conviction & passion to give a life to every brand that trusts us! With properly built team & hands on commands over 100+ successful business campaigns, now we could design a perfect business plan which can manifest your sales forever!

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