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Why do you to choose the best eCommerce development company?

Are you planning to develop an eCommerce website or an app for your business? If yes, then the first thing you can do is to find the best eCommerce development company. The right company & team can help you in achieving  complete flow for your business. Well the rightly built ecommerce website can help you to take your business to reach more audience. The customer shopping & inventory  management built by FBC can be super-easy to manage. 

Further this can effortlessly increase your sales & revenue.  Won’t you love in making progressive ecommerce business in short span? The best eCommerce  development company can help you in achieving all these aspects and much more. 

To achieve sustainable growth for your business, the eCommerce platform needs to have a smooth  design. A well designed website needs to be vibrant, responsive and interactive to attract maximum  customers. You can choose the best ecommerce development company and it will take care of a  flawless design. Fortune Brand Care is considered to be one of the best eCommerce development  company in India .We can help you to increase your revenue and manage your business smoothly. Our  developers are well-versed in taking your requirements in detail and delivering the end product within  your desired timeline. Nonetheless, our services are cost-effective and we support our projects  thoroughly. 

How to choose the best eCommerce development company?

The design of your eCommerce website should be simple to understand and the end user should be able  to reach to the product page with not more than three clicks. A lot of effort is needed to be spent on  preparing the pre-design and sketch of the website to make it attractive and end-user friendly. The GUI  of the website needs to be interactive and it should appeal to the end user. Furthermore, your website  or app should fetch as much as consumer traffic as possible. Achieving all this is not a piece of cake and  hence you need to hire the best eCommerce development company which can create an interactive  platform for you.  

On top of all these factors, it is very essential that your eCommerce platform is scalable .The higher  scalability can help you in easily integrating it with your ERP and CRM solutions. This will help you to see  real time data directly in your website or app on your fingertips. The professionals working on your  website must be well versed in performing search engine optimization-SEO since this increases the consumer traffic and sale conversion rates. A higher traffic ultimately boosts your profits. Hence it is  obviously important to go for the best eCommerce development company out there.

How has FBC evolved as the best eCommerce development company?

Before opting the ecommerce development company.  It is  always very important to focus on the end goal of customers & ROI. Therefore, the company should help you in understanding all the aspects along and also help you in achieving everything cost effective. At Fortune Brand Care, we thrive on  excellence and values, our team of professionals will do deep analysis on behalf of your business to create a successful website plan with better ROI. We can create a  customized eCommerce website for you within your budget and within stipulated time. Our domain proficiency, on timely delivery of projects, shopping cart experience and  efficient maintenance is what makes us the best eCommerce development company.

What makes FBC the best eCommerce development company in the market? The best eCommerce development  company  should help you in studying the customer behavior and buying patterns to build real-time strategy.  At FBC, we offer all these services and our marketing specialists will even provide in depth analysis to understand what your competitors and in preparing creative strategies. Also, we ensure to provide maximum data security to the site.

How we differ from others in offering best eCommerce development services

Fortune Brand Care is one of the best eCommerce development services providers in India since we take  utmost care of our client needs. We are fully focused on our client’s requirements. We design the sketch  of the website as per the customer’s requirement. Our content writers are proficient in use of SEO for  their content. This can help you to increase customer traffic for your website. We owe experienced & skilled professionals eCommerce developers who can develop on all the leading platforms like Shopify , WooCommerce ,Magento  and OpenCart. 

Our platform will help you in creating  an omnichannel customer experience. Our consultants are subject matter experts in making your  platform more profitable for you. This is one of the few reasons our services are considered to be one of  the best eCommerce development services. We have always provided on time delivery of our projects.  Our services are cost-effective so that you can attain sustainable growth, also our 24/7 maintenance support ensures smooth operations for your website.

Advantages of hiring the best eCommerce development services for your business

Are you surfing about the advantages of hiring the best eCommerce development services? Well the brick-and mortar mode of shopping is considered outdated now and statistics prove that customers prefer  shopping online from the comfort of their homes. There are around 1 billion online buyers which  amount to 40% of the worldwide internet users. So your website should be able to attract these possible  customers and it should be easy for the user to access the platform. The best eCommerce development services can definitely make your ecommerce experience a smoother one. 

While developing an eCommerce website , there are many factors which need to be taken care of  such as SEO friendly content , product catalogues , payment gateways ,widgets , promotional programs  etc. The best eCommerce development services provider will take care of all these factors. Our experts have subject matter domain proficiency over all the functional components of ecommerce. They will also suggest ways in which you can boost your sales using the eCommerce platform. Our ecommerce team of FBC can remove all the uncertainty and guarantee a successful eCommerce experience for your business.


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eCommerce Mobile App Development
eCommerce Mobile App Development

Are you thinking of mobilizing your business but are worried you will end up with a very similar app to your peers? Well with us you can take a sigh of relief because our creative designers will create an app which will be having a soothing user experience with an engaging interactive GUI on both android and iOS platforms. With our eCommerce Mobile App Development services, you can tap-in in a huge pool of
potential customers and create new customers for your businesses. Our developers will present you with a pool of best layouts for your app and you can choose from it. Our developers are experts in doing payment gateway integrations and you can easily add the usual features of social media integrations (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn). You can add loyalty cards and also use in-built coupons to attract more customers. Being one of the best eCommerce development company, our developers will deliver an engaging app with rich GUI and smooth functions from easy sign-ups to delivery.Our apps provide different roles to your internal users and hence you are in the control of deciding prizes , discounts and shipping and commissions . You can rely on us for publishing the app to PlayStore or Apple-Store. We provide smooth go-live and 24/7 maintenance support to our apps.

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Enterprise eCommerce Solutions
Enterprise eCommerce Solutions

Are you worried that the Enterprise eCommerce solution you are using is actually producing any form of success in your real-time business goals?? Is your solution properly integrated with ERP and CRM solutions to show real-time data?? Integration with ERP will help you in having omnichannel order history, correct details from inventory.

We can set up your platform with minimum time using below methods -:

∙ Magento development service
∙ Shopify development service
∙ WooCommerce development service
∙ OpenCart development service

Apart from the listed technologies, we also lean onto all the next level technologies to bring you the best enterprise ecommerce solutions that remains versatile yet compatible. So when it comes to integrated eCommerce business solution FBC will bring you the best of everything.

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Magento Development Service
Magento Development Service

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform where you can build your website with cutting-edge features and functionalities .It provides a fully functional website for free. Well it is important to note that even if the basic website is free , the developers need to use the important features to make the
website relevant in today’s market so that you can tap in every opportunity that comes your way. Using our Magento development services , you can take your business to next level. We will turn your generic Magento site into a successful eCommerce website using the hands on experience of our developers. Magento sites are SEO friendly. Transforming the generic checkout page into a one-step checkout page is what you need our cost effective Magento development services for. Our developers are expert in integrating the generic responsive website with ERP or CRM or payment gateways. Our hands-on expertise is what makes us the best eCommerce development company in providing Magento development services.

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Shopify Development Service
Shopify Development Service

Shopify is a SaaS based service which is used by many business owners to set up their business smoothly. Our Shopify experts will help you in setting up the theme , payment gateways, shipping and adding products. Our expert developers can setup a custom Shopify template of your choice. Being one of the best eCommerce development company, Our creative and out-of-the-box developers will setup an attractive responsive Shopify theme from a PSD. We will also add custom features to it to gain maximum out of your Shopify investment. We also cater to Shopify custom app developments where we deliver the app as per your requirements. We also help our customers in managing inventory and increasing sales conversion rate. Our Shopify solutions are modular in approach. We also cater to various eCommerce plugins like email marketing , Facebook marketing , promotional campaigns etc. We are one of the best Shopify development service provider across the globe.

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WooCommerce Development Service
WooCommerce Development Service

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. This is one of the most widely used eCommerce platform since it caters to small and medium online retailers. There are many of ready-to use WooCommerce themes available in the market that are highly customizable. These themes have in built features which our expert WooCommerce developers can modify as per your requirement. We will help in choosing the right theme and then we will customize it thoroughly for you as per your business needs. We wll setup multiple payment gateways and we will set up your store quickly to make it live .You can add your products as per your choice and we will customize everything as per your requirements. Our WooCommwerce developers are one of the best WooCommerce development service providers in helping us on our path to become the best eCommerce development company. You will have full control over your store to manage the shipping pricing , commission , product prizes and analytics dashboard to help you assist in making business decisions easily. We can integrate it with ERP or CRM seamlessly. We provide 24/7 maintenance support to our WooCommerce products.

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OpenCart Development Service
OpenCart Development Service

OpenCart is an enriched and open source shopping cart system. It is quite flexible and has multiple useful functionalities which sets it apart from other eCommerce platforms. Our OpenCart developers have a vast experience in setting up store ( single store, multi vendor store or chain stores ) smoothly . Our OpenCart development services range from installation , designing templates ,setting up store , setup of payment gateways ,setting up of shipping modules and customized module development along with API integrations. Our services are cost-effective and we deliver our projects on time with 24/7 maintenance support. We leverage technologies to make the store load easily and increase the performance of the page loading .Our developers will make your website SEO optimized. This will help you to take your website to a new base since it will rank higher in searches. Our development services are quite diverse and our domain expertise is what makes us one of the best eCommerce development company .

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More about our eCommerce app development services

You might be thinking why do I need to have an eCommerce Website for my business? Even if you are a  small business or a big organization, you would not want to miss out on an opportunity to expand your  business globally or find out new customer base ?? Well it is definitely budget friendly for you to create  

an eCommerce Website than opening a physical store for your business in a new area. Due to its low  operational cost , eCommerce Website Development has better ROI to tap into an unexplored market  segment since it is operational 24*7 and most of your core business processes become automatic  without hiring new manpower . 

What do we offer? 

Our creative out-of-the-box developers help in making a unique platform which will give a world-class  user experience. Our eCommerce Website suite can go live within as low as 7 days for the base product  features and we can customize as per your requirement. We support our developments 24/7 whole year. Our dedicated team of professionals have delivered projects smoothly and our clients are still happy  because of our seamless maintenance support.

We deliver responsive websites which allow seamless  customization. Our approach to website creation is always modular and hence we include any possible  3rd party integrations. We allow sign-ins through social media sites to avoid filling up of sign up forms  and our content is SEO optimized. We provide dashboard to your admin users and your sellers to check  real time sales information.

You can easily run promotional campaigns, landing pages, BOGOs to  increase your revenue. You can obviously alter all the functional parameters like seller rates , shipping  rates and commissions as per your real time decisions based on our BI integrated analytics dashboards.  We cater to both B2B and B2C platforms irrespective of the size of your business. These set of extensive  services is what makes us the provider of best eCommerce development services.

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