For example, it’s fine to say that you look forward to the flexibility of remote work. On the other hand, you shouldn’t go on and on about work-life balance, and your ability to travel or relocate from HCOL area. The more unique the knowledge you get, the more space for new questions. Do not be affraid to miss some aspects of creating your excellent cover letter.

Now, you’ve erased any roadblocks before they became deal breakers. Don’t ever include information about why you left or are leaving your current or previous position. This is territory best traveled during an interview, not a cover letter. Use a free esigning service, like Smallpdf, to upload a PDF copy of your cover letter.

When You Cant Submit A Cover Letter

It also helps your resume pass the automatic parsing round. This may mean re-reading the job description at least half a dozen times to truly understand what your future remote employer is looking for. I’ve been working remotely since and currently work as a . “I’ve been working cover letter for remote position remotely since and currently work as a . We’ve lined up several helpful tips just for that, followed by a great cover letter example for a remote position. With the Get Cover Letter, writing your job application document will be simple, but still effective to get an interview.

Suzy says she saw the ad “a few weeks ago.” Why did it take her a few weeks to respond? Suzy might come off as lazy if she tells the hiring manager that she didn’t take immediate action. A business services company specializing in customer relationship management has a current position open for a Virtual Customer Service Representative. A digital marketer by profession, specializing in SEO and content creation. My content is marketing, travel, freelancing, remote work, and making money online.


There is no “official format” for your cover letter or the information you include in it, but your cover letter should be visually organized, and orderly in its presentation of information. Lastly, end your cover letter with a professional closing like “Regards,” “Best Regards,” or “Sincerely.” Then simply type in your name to act as your signature.

  • Given that the hiring manager may have cast a wide net , it’s going to take more than your resume to get past the first round of screening.
  • Perhaps you work with a roster of out-of-state clients; this is another opportunity to show you have strong digital communication skills.
  • However, this doesn’t mean you have to start a cover letter from scratch every time.
  • A resume cover letter can help your application stand out from the larger pool of candidates and showcase a bit of your personality that won’t show up in a resume.

You should write like yourself, but you should also pick the appropriate voice and tone for the company you’re applying to. If I’m being honest, I still haven’t fully gotten over the death of my first Tamagotchi pet when I was six years old. So when I heard about FantasyPets last year, I immediately started following news about your development process, and that’s how I saw your post looking for a marketing strategist. The contact information includes your name, phone number, email address, and location. Even though you’re looking for remote work, make sure to include your city and state.

Cover Letter Examples

Thus, the potential employer will understand that your choice is conscious, and future cooperation has a low risk of misunderstanding. He’s a versatile and accomplished writer with diverse knowledge in creating unique content for different niches. When he’s not clicking away at his keyboard or learning new things, he’s listening to or reading other peoples’ thoughts. When writing a remote cover letter, you need to make sure you put your best foot forward. It is important to ensure that you check all the boxes. Unlike traditional work settings where you have the chance to for an interview and blow them off the park, with remote work, you have to go over the edge to get noticed. A remote cover letter is an extension of your resume, it is not a resume 2.0.

  • Instead, opt for a template that is easily updated for effortless customization.
  • To help make it easy to follow along, we’ve broken down this template line by line.
  • Remote working opportunities are becoming more readily available across many industries.
  • Take a note from your CV and go into detail about how that skill helped previous employers gain so-and-so.

Instead, spend a little bit of time personalizing each cover letter to align with the job and company you want to work for. A tailored, compelling cover letter shows you have taken the time to research the company and understand the employer’s needs and job requirements. It is an opportunity to express that you are enthusiastic about the role and to demonstrate the value you would add to the employer. The wording of your cover letter can express your personality in a way that your resume cannot. The tone of your letter gives the employer an important insight into your personality and the kind of traits that could add value to their team. It allows you to explain in your own words why you are the best person for the job.

Email Examples Recommending A Staff Member For Promotion

To do this, look at the job description, pull 3-5 specific skills they are looking for, and create a specific bullet point that shows a related accomplishment, skill, or qualification. Unfortunately, remote job seekers don’t get a chance to make an in-person impression. Instead, career marketing materials (cover letter, resume, social profiles, LinkedIn, etc.) are used by recruiters and hiring managers to size you up. A good cover letter can be essential to get you noticed by hiring managers. However, you want to make sure you are noticed for the right reasons. Double-check your cover letters before sending them to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes that Suzy made.

  • “Other people are more attuned to desperation, overselling, over-modesty, and underselling,” says Lees, and they should be able to point out places where the tone is off.
  • Rather than wasting your time and your interviewer’s, slow down and completely read each and every job description.
  • This allows you to do a final check on formatting and links.

Since you’reapplying for a remote position, you might not have the benefit of getting to meet these people in person before you’re hired. Much like with any other job search, your past experience is going to carry a lot of weight. So, if you already have some remote work under your belt, make sure that you call https://remotemode.net/ attention to that in your cover letter. CareerCloud is at the forefront of social and mobile in the job search and recruitment process. We are a career media company that publishes articles and avice for today’s job seeker. A cover letter is an introduction letter submitted with your job application and resume.

What To Include In A Cover Letter For A Remote Job

You can still lean into the skills you have to prove you’ll be an effective remote employee. For example, if you work for a bi-coastal company and frequently collaborate with your other location’s office, make that clear. Perhaps you work with a roster of out-of-state clients; this is another opportunity to show you have strong digital communication skills. Maybe you don’t have a spouse that’s relocating or any family connections in the new area? You can still show hiring managers that you’re committed to your move and the new position. Hiring managers are going to read the same basic cover letter repeatedly, and you don’t want to be the last template email the hiring manager discounts before lunch. Adding a little word variation helps you stand out against other applicants.

cover letter for remote position

It needs to assuage any doubts they may have about you as an outside hire. A cover letter that hooks and satisfies the reader’s needs will go a long way in differentiating you as a prospect.

Here’s how to show employers your willingness to relocate to care for your mother, which shows you have a real reason for relocating as well as family ties in the area. It’s about the people that are going to land on the profile,” Carroll said. Reps in a completely remote work environment, and successfully earned an average team satisfaction rating of 94%,” she said. You likely have more of this experience than you think. Here’s how to do it when you’re trying to go remote. They’re hoping that they can catch the “real you” within your cover letter.

cover letter for remote position

Add a career achievement to really pique the hiring manager’s interest. Applying for a position with numerous qualifications? Download one of our 2-page CV templates for job seekers. If you’re looking for a remote job to escape the dangers and drudgery of office life, you’re not alone.

Working from home takes a lot of dedication and skill that most people do not possess. With working remotely, you’re often self-motivated and organized. When working from home, no boss or supervisor is breathing down your neck making sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to do. Read more advice and tips for finding a remote software development job on theArc blog.

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